Control panel No. 2

With the control body 2 check the properties of color and fluorescent penetrants.

Introduction: The control body 2 according to DIN EN ISO3452-3 is used the user in routine
Assessment of Penetrant and the fluorescent penetrant in opened, partially used containers and stationary testing systems.
Description: The control body 2 is modeled after the American PSM 5 (Penetrant System
Monitor) control body designed. It consists of a stainless steel plate on one half
The test site is hard. The other half of the test site is available in four different areas
Roughness (Ra = 2.5, 5, 10 and 15μm) divided to simultaneously control for further cleaning
allow. The chrome surface has five star-shaped cracks in different expansion
to (3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5.5mm diameter). These star-shaped cracks by ball impressions
been produced with varying strength from the back.

Application: The penetrant is under investigation by dipping, spraying or brushing on
the entire surface of the control body 2 is applied. After the expiry of the fixed penetration time
(Usually 10 minutes), the intermediate cleaning takes place: either a wash) with water
or b) a solvent cleaner with damp cloth to use. Then, the surface dried. Then the developer is applied and after 5 – 10 minutes, the evaluation made (note viewing conditions according to ISO3059). In the left half of the control body will assess the number of visible star-shaped discontinuities. The right Half is used to control for further cleaning. This part describes the different rough surfaces assessed the extent of remaining Eindringmittelrückständen.

Important Application:
· The reference block 2 is solely to the monitoring by the user. With
the control body 2 can not determine the sensitivity class of Eindringmittelsystems
be and he is also not suited to two different Prüfmittelsysteme terms of their
Sensitivity to compare.
· Make sure that the test results are under the same testing and viewing conditions
(Penetration time, intermediate cleaning, developers, UV light, distance, scattered light) can be determined.

Handling, cleaning and care:
The displays of the control body 2, due to contamination or mechanical damage
be affected. Observe the following instructions to ensure reliable operation:
· To correctly view, the test body is free of dirt, oil and grease and Prüfmittelrückständen
are from previous applications. Clean the test specimens before and after each use and
check the appropriate surface under UV light. The control body 2 is particularly
immediately after use to clean thoroughly (we recommend ultrasonic cleaning in acetone) because they do tends to accumulate in the Eindringmittelrückstände errors.
• By mechanical shock (dropping) may change in the star-shaped discontinuities. In
Case of mechanical damage can not be repaired. We therefore recommend that
the test body as carefully as possible to work around. In no case may the engravings, shock figures etc. be appropriate.

Instructions for test equipment:
Before delivery, the display capability of each control body 2 in our house
reviewed and documented. On request, we can test in a test carried out for you
Repeat test equipment.